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February 2009
Meet the Staff of Valtek Inc.
Valtek Staff Bruce Vesley, Cackie Scott,
and Brian Vesley

Valtek opened its doors in the first quarter of 1993. but the planning and development behind it went on for over a year. The Vesley brothers saw a niche market that they were uniquely qualified to fill: heavy-duty truck repair. So Brian, Dennis and Bruce decided to pool their talents and fill that niche. "This was a chance to get together in business, which is something we've talked about for years." Vesley noted.

Brian Vesley

The opportunity, according to Brian, resulted from two factors: "First, some truck fleets had stopped doing in-house painting because they were not willing to invest in the equipment required to meet new environmental laws. And second, standard body shops were not providing the service demanded by truck fleets."

Before heading up Valtek, Brian practiced law in New Jersey and then spent time managing several companies through financial turnaround situations. Brian now handles administrative duties and marketing.

Dennis Vesley, now deceased, served as vice president of sales for Valtek, and had been in the collision-repair business for 25 years, mostly in the automobile end.

Bruce Vesley, vice president of production for Valtek, had been an aircraft mechanic and then ran a major repair/service facility for a forklift and heavy equipment company. Bruce oversees the shop.

The family involvement is rounded-out by Brian's wife, Cackie, who is the treasurer/office manager. Valtek employs a total of 14 including painters, bodymen, technicians, and office staff.