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February 2009

Noting 9/11/01 and a Debt

Everyone at Valtek extends our love and sympathy to the victims of the terrorist murders and destruction on September 11, 2001, and also to the families and friends of those lost and injured.

It is especially painful when some of these acts occur within our immediate neighborhood and our free and open nation.

We are grateful to those who have been engaged in the rescue and recovery efforts. Especially thankful are we for the heroic efforts of those who raced to put themselves in harm’s way to reduce the carnage. Particularly proud are we of the hundreds of fire fighters, police and emergency workers who responded in lower Manhattan. May we all try to live in a way which is worthy of their sacrifice.

Our prayers are with those who endeavor to restore our ability to live in peace and safety.

As a gesture of appreciation for many heroic acts and the losses, Valtek is making available September 11, 2001 Memorial Teardrops to New York and New Jersey emergency services companies.

Memorial Teardrops

While Valtek was assisting delivery preparations on a new Seagrave fire truck, we learned about the World Trade Towers’ Disaster. One of Valtek’s collision repair technicians, Clide Williams, suggested finishing a drawing on the fire truck as a memorial by adding some tears to the cheek of the fireman performing a rescue. Ed May, the artist/gold leafer, did that, added the date 9-11-01, and touched many of us. We thought that other fire companies might wish to make a similar memorial remembrance. As a gesture of our appreciation for many heroic acts, Valtek is making available reflective teardrops to New York and New Jersey Fire, Rescue and Ambulance companies and Police Departments.

Memorial Tears Artwork Click on picture
for a closer look.

Send us an email signed by the company chief with the fire company’s mailing address and phone number in New York or New Jersey. We will send you up to four tear drops free of charge. Please specify the sizes and color you wish.

Reflective decal colors - Black, White

Size of individual tear drop to be placed on an existing drawing:

1/8” (for face 3” to 5” high)
1/4” (for face - 5” to 8” high)
3/8” (for face 9” to 12” high)

Cut a piece of masking tape to the size you are considering before making your request. It should be in proportion to the drawing.

Clide Williams (L) and Ed May (R) with the original inspiration for Memorial Teardrops.

Some drawings may be too small for the teardrop to be noticed. In that event, the 2” size can be requested as individual free standing teardrops to be used on their own. We suggest two, one slightly lower and alongside one another. If you add the date "9/11/01" to the teardrops, that would complete the memorial.